Hourglass - The bust and hips are basically the same size and your waist is well defined.

More appealing: Any shape will work

Less: All shapes work for you!

Full Hourglass - The thighs are bigger, fuller bottom and hips, small waist, fuller bust.

More appealing: Long and full bouquets such as teardrop or cascade. Look for flow and length.

Less: Smaller bouquets. They will draw attention to your top and bottom and make you look bigger.

Pear - The hips are larger than the bust, and the waist gradually slopes out to the hips.

More Appealing: Round bouquets.

Less: Teardrop and cascading bouquets will draw one’s eye toward the hips.

Inverted Triangle - The bust is large, the hips are narrow and the waist is not very well defined.

More appealing: Medium or large round or cascading bouquets to balance the lower body.

Less: Small, or teardrop bouquets, which would accent your thinner hips and exaggerate your shoulders.

Slim Long Frame - The bust and hips are basically the same size. The waist is slightly smaller than the bust and hips.

More appealing: Small to medium round, teardrop or cascade bouquet.

Less: Medium to large bouquets may block your silhouette.

Rectangle - A straight torso, with shoulders that align with the torso.

More appealing: Medium to large teardrop or cascading bouquet

Less: Small or round bouquets

Apple - The top half of the body is bigger than the lower half. Slim hips and a large chest and stomach.

More appealing: A cascading or teardrop bouquet will have a slimming effect.

Less: Round bouquet designs.

Flower Girls


Cascading  - It works well with a larger dress. This design will suit a romantic wedding, although this bouquet may overpower anything snug or sleek. This is a great design for full figured brides as the length and size can have a slimming effect. This may not be the best choice for shorter brides as it may be oversized for you and your dress.

Helpful Tips

There are several selections for  flower girls. We offer mini brooch bouquets, coordinating  jewelled bouquets, fairy wands, and flower girl baskets.  

The bouquets and baskets are more for a traditional or elegant wedding.

The wands great for younger girls and more entertaining. They will excite their imagination!

In choosing the right bouquet you want to select a bouquet that compliments your body type. 

Round – Can be formal or informal to suit any wedding. This is probably the most adaptable of all the designs as the size can easily be altered to suit both full figured brides and petite brides. Keep the width of the flowers smaller than your waist, but don’t go too small. You want about one to two inches of your waist showing on each side. If the bouquet is too small it can make your hips look bigger.  As for your bridesmaids, you need to give them smaller bouquets than the one you are carrying, but too small can make larger girls look bigger. Try to find a happy medium.

If your dress is simple a brooch bouquet is a wonderful option.

Fashions are fleeting so think of what suits you and your particular look. You can set your own tone. Who knows? You may end up being the trend setter.

Hold your bouquet at your belly button level and  a little away from your dress. Your elbows need to be slightly outward from your waist so that your silhouette can be seen.

​​What bouquet is appropriate for my body type?

The bridesmaids are there to support the bride and they do not need expensive or exquisitely detailed bouquets if the budget does not allow for it.  Their bouquets should complement yours, so choose bouquets that are slightly smaller but not so small as to create problems for fuller figured girls.  Your bridesmaid's bouquets may present an opportunity for you  to use complementary colors to provide a lovely contract to your bouquet.

Tear Drop - This shape will work well for petite and shorter brides as it will provide length and line and not be overwhelming like a larger cascading bouquet. Teardrops are also good for full figure brides as they have a slimming effect and work well with larger wedding gowns.  The shape is well suited for a formal setting.